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Who am I?

Tempting as it was to begin this section by simply stating that as a qualified social worker and primary school teacher I fully support my profession’s core values and ethical codes of practice, which of course I do, I have decided not to

Instead a more meaningful statement about ‘who I am’ should I would suggest state that ‘basically I suspect I am very much like you’; someone who (I hope) simply wants to use their individual personal and professional skills to help their fellow humans get along with each other better, understand the world a little bit more, and in the process (hopefully) make their life and the lives of others slightly more meaningful than it might otherwise be.

As someone who works with people of all ages, from all walks of life, and from most parts of the world, I genuinely recognise and value our unique differences. I also fully understand the pernicious affects of discrimination in all its forms, and how unless such discrimination is challenged it demeans us all. At the same time, I also have a firm belief that ultimately for every one difference that can ‘potentially’ separate us from each other, we have ten more important things in common with each other, which can if we allow ourselves, help unite us.

It is this essential belief in the wholeness of ‘us’ and the importance of respecting each other regardless of ‘difference’, which informs the overall approach to my work.

Finally, one key element of my being an ‘independent professional’ is that whilst I’m happy to listen to, consider, reflect upon other people’s personal / professional views, and if appropriate, revise or even change my position on an issue; if as a commissioner you are seeking a ‘yes man’ or ‘rubber stamp’ ….then I am certainly not the one for you!