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As an experienced social worker who spends the majority of my time working directly with children, families, extended family, adopters, and foster carers etc, I have a range of highly developed professional skills, knowledge and experience.

As the following three pages will set out, most of my work consists of; ‘Child Protection / Safeguarding Consultancy, Assessment, Training, and Investigations’.

However in addition to the above areas, I also provide social work services in respect of;

- Independent Chairing.

- Independent Reviewing of Foster Placments.

- Professional Supervision.

- Independent Complex / Management / Serious Case Reviews.

- Professional Child Protection / Safeguarding Consultations.

- Child Protection / Safeguarding Policy and Systems Review. (including Pre Ofsted Audits).

- Bespoke Child Protection / Safeguarding Training as recommended by Working Together 2010.